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Frequently asked questions

When will my tank be delivered?

All orders received before 7pm will be delivered FREE on your area's next scheduled day. A nominal fee will be charged if you need the exchange done on a non scheduled day. Rush delivery is available, call for details.


What hours do you deliver, and do I need to be home?

Our office is open Monday - Friday. We are closed Saturday and Sunday. We continue scheduled deliveries until dark. No, you do not have to be home. Simply disconnect your tank and place it in the area that you designate (Free from Pets); and we will do the rest!


I have a tank from one of those cage's. Can I exchange that tank with yours?

Absolutely! You own that tank! That tank is yours. Don't be fooled by those retailers who make you think that you must exchange that tank with them. We accept Blue Rhino Tanks!!!!

Is it True that Blue Rhino and Amerigas ONLY put 15 pounds of Propane in their tanks?

That is ABSOLUTEY TRUE!In 2008 these companies made a decision to REDUCE the amount of propane that they put in their tanks to 15 pounds, from 17. This can be verified by visiting their respective websites.


How much Propane does Bring It Home Propane put in their Tanks?

Bring It Home Propane always has and always will fill our tanks FULL with 17 pounds of propane. We continue to set the standard, of the novel idea, of giving you a full tank of gas. Would you buy a soda that was not full??

What if I see your truck in my neighborhood and I did not place an order yet; can I get one from the driver?

Yes! We've become the "New Ice Cream Truck" in the neighborhood. As long as the driver has an available tank on hand.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card. Call for details.


Do You Accept All Tanks for Exchange?

We currently accept 20 pound propane cylinders which are your typical BBQ tanks. All tanks must have an OPD (Overfill Prevention Device) Valve. They must be Free of dents and gauges with no excessive rust.

What is an OPD Valve? I'm not sure if I have one.

An OPD Valve is Triangular in shape. If you have exchanged your tank within the last twelve (12) months you would have received a certified tank. The OPD valve looks like this:

Do I have to buy a New Tank?

No. We will accept your current tank and replace it with a fresh, clean, fully inspected tank. You may purchase a spare tank.



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